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  • Want to feel and look great all the time?

  • Don't know what you are putting in your body?

  • Want to eat meals which guarantee your body is well nourished? 

  • Want healthy eating programs and tips?

  • Want to lose weight by trying a diet but don't know what's good?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or you want to learn something new about what to eat to stay healthy and fit the information in this site is invaluable to you.



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The choice is yours. eating the right foods is fun and very rewarding. You will get a boost to energy levels, help prevent harmful diseases such as cancer and diabetes and learn a bit about yourself in the meantime. This site is full of useful tips which will put you well on the way to being and feeling better as a person.

Truth about fast food

With the array of fast food on the market, and the bombardment of advertisements through mass marketing campaigns, it is no wonder why our consumption of this junk food has increase by over 20 times in the past 30 years. Yes over 20 times! In the 70's Americans spent a little over $6 billion on fast food. In the year 2000 they spent over $138 billion on fast food. If we continue this way society will become disease ridden and unhealthier than ever before. Healthy eating will become a thing of the past.

The rather disturbing thing is with our busier lifestyles the trend is set to continue faster then ever before. However you can put a stop to it here by reducing or eliminating the amount of fast food you intake every week.

Try this at home: put a packet of French fries in a glass jar along with some chips from the local fish and chip shop. You will find that it takes over 10 weeks for the French fries to begin to decompose compared to the chips which take only a few days. Does this not alarm you about fast food? How is your body supposed to decompose these chips which are full of fat and food additives. What about all the other fast food loaded with sugars and calories.

Your body is really not made to decompose these items of food and a diet alone is starving your body of the essential nutrients they need. Just watch "Super Size Me" and you will see what fast food is really all about.

Educate yourself

The good thing is you can educate yourself today about nutrition, supplements, healthy eating terminology, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, healthy recipes and much much more by reading this site, checking out the links, and just browsing the supermarket isles looking at the nutritional data to see if an item is really something you should be putting into your body. Education is the key here as what you think might have been healthy, might have deceived you.

Truth about sugar

Did you know sugar (glucose) will turn and store itself as fat in your body if not burnt by your body as energy. Did you know excess  carbohydrates will also do this, so should not be overeaten.

The good news

The good news is that there are an abundance of healthy foods for you and your families to eat. This site is not about dieting, but about supporting your health at all stages of your life through education and healthy eating. What you want to do is educate yourself through this site and apply this knowledge to changing your lifestyle for the better. Everything here is practical and can be applied with a little commonsense and self discipline. I know you can do it so have a go!!



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